3 juin 2010

Appel aux signatures pour que Jack Layton freine l’abolition du registre des armes à feu


Chères amies de la Coalition pour le contrôle des armes,

Nous aimerions vous inviter à vous joindre à cette campagne menée par le syndicat CAW TCA Canada visant à obtenir 391 signatures de femmes canadiennes pour cette lettre qui demande à Jack Layton d’arrêter le projet de loi C-391 (projet de loi proposant d’affaiblir les contrôles sur les armes à feu). 

Pour y participer, s’il vous plait :

1-      Envoyez votre nom et titre à trinh@caw.ca  avant midi, le vendredi 4 juin.

2-      Distribuez cette note dans votre réseau.

Une version française de la lettre est jointe.


Amélie Baillargeon

COALITION pour le contrôle des armes



Join Us! Send an URGENT Message to Jack Layton; Save Canada ’s gun registry

The Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU) is currently reviewing each clause of the proposed Bill C-391 (an Act to repeal Canada ’s long gun registry) on June 1 and 3. The SECU is expected to submit a report to the House of Commons after this review process is complete. Given the clearly stated objectives of Bill C-391 to abolish the registry, we see no way this Bill can be amended so that it is acceptable.

Therefore, as progressive women leaders in Canada , we are calling on Jack Layton, the Leader of the federal NDP, to ensure his fellow NDP MPs do the right thing and vote down Bill C-391. 

We need now, more than ever, the New Democratic Party to stand up for the gun registry, an important tool in our collective fight to end violence against women in Canada . Most importantly, we need leadership. We need Jack Layton and the NDP to stand up for women’s rights and women’s equality. If not the NDP- then who?

 We must not be cowed by the fear and division that’s being sown by the Harper government, but instead rise with the courage of our convictions. This is how we have built and will continue to build a better Canada for all citizens.

 What can YOU do? Here are a few simple steps followed by a collective ACTION!

  1. Email your name and title to trinh@caw.ca  no later than Friday June 4 at Noon EST to sign the attached letter urging Jack Layton to save Canada ’s gun registry.(attached)
  2. Pass this note along to your networks. Our goal is to collect 391 signatures in a very short period of time and we need you to spread the word!

That’s it! We’ll take it from there; all names will be forwarded in an open letter to Jack Layton and we will send all signatories a final copy of the letter early next week.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

Thank you for taking the time to help at this crucial time! 


Julie White

Director of Women’s Programs

CAW TCA Canada

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